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Jacaranda Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry now offers an exciting new technology for our patients and for patients of other doctors who might be referred here. This technology is called I-Cat Cone Beam Computer Assembled Tomography (CBCT) imaging, sometimes called 3-D radiographs or x-rays. Using CBCT means we now have the ability to take 3D images of the teeth, jaws, bones and facial structures at lower costs and with less energy than a typical CT scan used in hospitals. 3D imaging provides us the opportunity of improved diagnosis for our patients, especially in cases of impacted teeth, dental implants, surgical treatment, as well as more complex cases. Understandably you may have questions about exposure to these types of x-rays. Here are some facts you should know about 3-D imaging.
An ICAT CBCT exposure is:
  • About 1/2 as much as a full series of x-rays
  • About 1/5 as much as a full (28) mouth series of standard dental x-rays
  • About 1/70 as much as a typical medical CT scan
CBCT therefore offers our patients enhanced diagnostic value at a significantly reduced exposure. At the same time, CBCT scans can image the entire head and most of the neck. As dentists and orthodontists, we evaluate teeth, jaws and surrounding supporting bone, using CBCT’s for those limited purposes.
Our training and dental license does not provide for evaluating and diagnosing outside those areas. However since CBCT imaging can cover a broader area, we want to offer you the opportunity to have your CBCT scan read by an oral radiologist, trained and licensed to evaluate and diagnose a broader area. CBCT may show evidence of disease of the cervical spine, skull or arteries. We can refer you to a radiology group for this purpose. The average cost is about $ $195.00. If you are interested in taking advantage of this service please initial the application section and sign the acknowledgement below.
Signature of patient/responsible party: